Automotive related softwares

Useful softwares for vehicle owners

DPA softwares may be installed after download by running the installation wizard. Please do not install them if you do not agree with the terms of use.

Engine Oils 1.0 Trial


Engine Oils software helps to choose the proper lubricant for your engine. It can calculate the kinematic viscosity of the oils at all temperature, compare their dynamic viscosity directly, visualise and recalculate their viscosity index. Engine Oils analyse the oils by SAE J300 patent. Latest API and ACEA specifications are included in the Engine Oils. Besides these a virtual fluidity test may be used. The trial version contains a limited database but all functions are available. Optimised for 1280x1024 resolution.




Renault Gearboxes 1.1


Extended version of the Renault Gearboxes. There are some new functions and an updated database in this version: 15 new gearbox type, 864 Renault gearbox data. Extra features: showing of vehicle type - gearbox type correlation, revised design towards easier usability, custom ratio may be determined by teeth number, tyre size is extended by the most common slick tyre sizes, gearbox type and wheelsize visible on the printed chart. The software is optimised for 1280x1024 resolution.




Compression Spring Calculator 1.2


A simple calculator software for steel compression springs with save, print and chart drawing functions. Available in English and Hungarian, the English version is optional.




Wheelsize Calculator 1.0


This software can calculate the dimensions, the dimension differences between the presently used and the new tyres and rims. The Wheelsize Calculator takes into consideration the dimension of rims and spacers as well, therefore can compare the relative positions of the wheels. Illustrative figures make easy the understanding.



Renault Gearboxes 1.0


Made for Renault Club Hungary. This software helps figure the Heirmann diagram. There are more than 270 Renault gearboxes in the database, the fast searching makes easy to find the proper Renault gearbox, but non-standard gearbox ratio may be used, as well. The results may be saved and printed.




Wheelsize Calculator 1.0 - RC version


It is the Renault Club Hungary version of the Wheelsize Calculator 1.0. Functions were not changed (except the Exit window) only the design was matched to the appearance of RCH homepage.




Ongoing development: Single Degree-of-Freedom system modeller software

The vehicle suspension article series will explain how the spring and damper work together in a car. This simple software will help understand the dynamic behavior of a mass-spring-damper (SDOF) system.