World Series by Renault 2013

Hungaroring, 14th -15th September 2013

7th event of World Series by Renault 2013 was held at Hungaroring last weekend. Accordingly to the previous ones, it was awesome. Besides the usual programs (Eurocup Formula 2, Renault Formula 3.5 Series, Eurocup Megane Trophy, Renault Sport Show, Renault Classic Show, Renault Truck Show, F1 Show, Collectors' Parade), European Le Mans Series (ELMS) cars raced on the track. Thanks to the First Hungarian Renault Club and Renault Histoire & Collection, I was allowed to park my Clio Williams in the Collectors' Area, next to other collectors. This year some Serbian and Croatian Renault R4 owners joined our small team. For us it was a great honor that Monsieur Ragnotti visited us in the Collectors' Area on both days with his R5 Maxi Turbo. So, we were able to ask him to sign our relics. Thanks to this, after 2007 he has sat in my car again and signed my glove box (yes, it gives +15 mental HP :) ).
I have uploaded my pics to the gallery. Click on the picture to start slideshow.



Ongoing development: Single Degree-of-Freedom system modeller software

The vehicle suspension article series will explain how the spring and damper work together in a car. This simple software will help understand the dynamic behavior of a mass-spring-damper (SDOF) system.