Eger Rallye 2013

Eger, 5-7/04/13

Eger 2013

The Hungarian National Rallye Championship started at the beginning of April. The first event was held in Eger. The well-kown Renault R5 Alpine is driven by Zsolt "Oszy" Horváth, the co-driver is Bernadett Jezsó in this year. They run in the Historic Championship. The car has been fully rebuilt in winter, now it looks like Attila Ferjánc's legendary R5 Alpine. Oszy and Betti finished the race in the 2nd position in their class. I took more photos, they can be seen in the gallery

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Ongoing development: Single Degree-of-Freedom system modeller software

The vehicle suspension article series will explain how the spring and damper work together in a car. This simple software will help understand the dynamic behavior of a mass-spring-damper (SDOF) system.